UNZER ESSER bags are manufactured in Berlin Kreuzberg and through this every bag is individual and special.


UNZER ESSER bags are inspired by the long tradition of the Esser's family business, which was founded in 1927.


UNZER ESSER bags are made from tough recycled marquees and are completely weather- and waterproof.


The label UNZER ESSER stands for modern and fashionable duffel bags. Made from recycled fabric awnings, the canvas material is extremely robust and even weather- and waterproof. Our bags are the perfect companion for every occasion.

You can feel the impact that rain, wind, and water have left on the upcycled material — each bag is unique.

UNZER ESSER bags are manufactured in the fashion capital of Berlin in rather small runs. With their intense colors and high-quality leather coatings, the bags are ideal for leisure and every day life in the troubled urban ocean!


The name UNZER ESSER stands for outstanding quality and longevity. The monks from the Hunza Valley at the Himalayas are said to live long lives, and it is from them that I borrowed the name.

The name is also inspired by my great grandfather, Robert Esser, who founded the original family business in 1927, which he later gave to my grandfather, Robert Esser.

Now I wish to continue the tradition of the family business under the name UNZER ESSER.

Only two years after the label’s founding, UNZER ESSER has become known for exceptional styles that not only reflect an incredible fashion sense, but also promise a long life.

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